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Environmental Programs


Environmental Programs for Sustainability at Seaway Farms

Eco-friendly pots

We are committed to looking for greenhouse products that are environmentally friendly.  Many of our pots are made from plastics that can be recycled. Some of our plants this year are planted in pots made from sugar cane. 

Energy Savings

  • LED Light Bulbs – Conserving energy by installing LED light Bulbs offers energy savings, as well as help lower our carbon footprint.  All our greenhouses and buildings are now using LED light bulbs.
  • New Fans in the Greenhouse – In 2016, we will be installing new energy saving fans in our greenhouses.  They will help with heat savings and require less energy to operate.

Drip Irrigation

At Seaway, we using a drip irrigation method which is an efficient way to water; saving time and water usage. Drip systems can save from 30 – 50 percent water compared to some other traditional methods of watering such as sprinkling.


Ensuring we can produce bountiful and healthy crops here at Seaway means that we need to manage the threat of harmful insects and pests.  We are committed to finding ways to maintain the high standards we have for our produce in the most environmentally friendly way that we can. Nematodes are one of the biologicals we use  to lessen our need for harmful chemical pesticides. 

Nematodes naturally occur in soil and are used to control soil pest insects and whenever larvae or grubs are present. Like all of our products, it will not expose humans or animals to any health or environmental risks. Beneficial nematodes only attack soil dwelling insects and leave plants and earthworms alone. The soil dwelling insect dies within a few days. Beneficial nematodes are a totally safe biological control in pest insects. The Beneficial nematodes are so safe the EPA has waived the registration