Cherries in Ontario with Recipes

The deep red colour of ripe Ontario cherries is as sweet to the tastebuds as they are to the eye.  This time of year the Niagara orchards are bursting with vibrant red as the farmers harvest their crops so our local customers can enjoy.

Some typical Ontario varieties are Bing, Rainier, and Queen Anne cherries.  This pitted fruit is a relative of the plum, peach and nectarine and found at Seaway Farms and local grocery stores in July & early August.

When buying cherries, look for ones that are firm, and richly coloured with green steps.  What to avoid is mushy or bruised fruit.

Store the unwashed fruit in the refrigerator.  Wash just before eating or cooking with them, and make sure to remove the pit.

1 cup of raw sweet cherries contains about 81 calories and is a healthy source of vitamin C and potassium.

Cherries are great to eat as a snack right from the bowl, but also great in jams, muffins, pastries, salsas, compotes, flans.. and the list goes on!

Here is a recipe courtesy of Foodland Ontario.

Upside Down Cherry Muffins

Seaway Farms Ontario Cherries Recipes


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