Healthy Local Lunch Box Ideas

Everyone wants to get off to a fresh start for the first day of school. And with that, our thoughts go to what kind of healthy food can we pack in the lunch box each day!

Our local Niagara produce certainly brings “fresh” to the table. Here’s what’s on the lunch box menu right now:

Peaches, Cherries & Grape Tomatoes

With 2016 peaches being the tastiest in years, sending the full fruit or slices to school is only natural. Preserving our special produce as jams and salsa will keep the memory of this summer alive through to final exams.

Cherry and grape tomatoes are the height of portable produce. Packed with vitamins, the miniature toms just need a wash and they are ready for school.

Nacho Chips with Corn and Tomato Salsa

Picky kids who refuse to eat sandwiches will generally eat nacho chips that don’t lose their crunch. Try pairing them with a container of Niagara corn and tomato salsa.

Pepper Strips & Carrot Sticks

Those same picky kids can pick their own pepper to dip! There is a huge variety of green, yellow, red and even striped sweet peppers at the market tables right now. Peppers cut into strips are a healthy substitute for potato chips when enjoying a traditional dip of onion soup mix and sour cream at school.

To start some conversations in the lunch room, send “the new kid” with heritage carrots cut into sticks. The purple and yellow hues that have a slightly more carroty flavor than “every day” carrots are sure to arouse culinary curiosity among classmates.

Kids start and sustain their relationships with local produce through their lunch boxes. As the weather cools and peaches lead to apples and pears, as the season for pumpkin patch visits approaches, lunches help young minds appreciate the hard work our farmers and earth do to keep all of us fed and healthy here in Niagara.