Announcing the winners of our Seaway Farms YOUR GARDEN Photo contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated.  The photos are a beautiful showcase of Niagara backyard gardens with care and thought put into the growth and landscape designs; flowers, garden decor, trees, bushes and more!  A picture is worth a thousand words, but your stories told even more.  Thank you! We love each and everyone of them.   

Please enjoy all the photos from our gardeners and their stories on our Photo Contest Gallery.  Our winners are highlighted below.

1st Place Winner – Cindy Marcheterre (St. Catharines, Ontario)

The year my daughter was born, my husband built two large raised beds for me, as a Mother’s Day gift. I had always wished for a large veggie patch, and this was pretty close to perfect. My now 4 year old daughter helps me carefully select seeds, turn the soil and water in the early mornings. We attend heirloom tomato sales and talk about growing beanstalks and corn and different varieties of squash. When we have guests in our yard, she is quick to give them a tour of “her garden” to show off the beets, carrots, herbs and lettuces. She knows the names of each and every veg in that dirt. When we are away for a day or so, we get excited to go out and look at how much the pumpkins have grown; and when we lost most of our tomatoes last year to mice, she might have taken it harder than myself. This is a girl growing up knowing exactly where her food comes from, learning that the weather in Niagara is so perfect for strawberries and peaches, learning that it takes a lot of work, sun, water and love to make things grow. She is a little farmer in her own backyard and she beams with pride at the dinner table when we tell daddy that she grew those peppers, that she picked that basil and that she shucked those peas!

2nd Place Winner – Sylvia Lockard (St. Catharines, Ontario)

The Courtyard at the side of our house , that we built over 40 years ago, has had plants from Seaway Gardens in it every single year . We enjoy the splash of colour and the sound of falling water.


3rd Place Winner – Donna Clute (St. Catharines, Ontario)

We built our house almost 7 years ago and I was really intimidated on what to do…starting from nothing. We have a very small yard, gorgeous deck and relaxing hot tub to contend with. I am trying to create a backyard oasis…with a tropical feel… not always easy with our climate. It’s still a work in progress, but love going to Seaway Gardens because of their selection of plants and decor, prices and most of all, to support a local business. So we built some modern trellises to add plant growth quickly with some height, they also provide privacy and speration from our very loved, but very close neighbours. From there we planted some fast growing tall grasses to anchor the rest of our plans. I’ve been gifted many of my hostas and peoneys but have enjoyed building on my gardens from there. There is so much more to do (don’t tell my husband) but it is all worth the end result!

4th Place Winner – Maria Fannon (St. Catharines, Ontario)

A photo of my Sweet Autumn Clematis vine (with massive white flowers and very fragrant) sprawling over a wrought iron arbor at the top of my patio.

On either side of the bird bath, are 2 hanging baskets of colorful, Rigor Begonia The Begonias hung in the middle of 5the arbor but I’ve since had to move them because the vine is becoming so massive.

My husband & I love to sit out on the patio in the mornings or after supper. During family get togethers it’s a great place to have dessert .

We love to get our plants & flowers at Seaway Farms in the early spring and fresh fruits & vegetables during the summer.& fall.

Details about the 2017 YOUR GARDEN Photo Contest can be found here