Seaway Farms Selections


Explore over 90 types of different annuals that we grow yearly. You’ll be sure to find something that will fit your garden needs


Over 75 types of perennials available! We strive to offer a large variety of different perennials for sun, shade, combination of both and ranging in all sorts of colours and green foliage to make your gardening habits easy and care free. Perennials are a fabulous choice because when they are given the proper care, they come back to spruce up your garden yearly!

Fruits & Vegetables

We open our fruit market every year beginning in mid to late June where we essentially offer a local mini grocery store! Everything is locally grown, most of our products we grow ourselves. Everything from strawberries, peaches and apricots to tomatoes, apples and nectarines! Check out what we have and what’s in season!

Trees & Shrubs

Every year we receive a great selection of trees and shrubs such as hydrangea bushes, cedars and Japanese Maple trees. Check out what we have to offer!


We have a large variety of herbs – from the most popular being basil and rosemary to summer savoury and dill.

Custom Containers

We do offer a custom planting service where you can design your perfect patio urn or garden pot! You can either bring in your own container to be planted or we have some available year round for you to choose from. Pricing for custom planting varies depending on the size of your pot.