Less-Stressful, Farm-Inspired Christmas Shopping

The Farm-Inspired Christmas: The less stressful holiday

The beginning of your less stressful Christmas holiday begins with finding a parking spot in our lot on Lakeshore Road. Walk into our farm-inspired gift store and garden centre where you can roam at your leisure with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Get into the spirit with the smell of fresh-cut evergreen boughs,  beautiful sites of poinsettias and cyclamen flowers, and beautiful home decor.

Take a breath. Take a walk around in the clean air. We have a slower pace out in the country and it makes for less stress as holiday preparations become demanding and hurried.

There’s much to be said about the “foolproof Christmas. All children, the giving philosophy says, should get something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read,” for Christmas.

We have our own farm-inspired philosophy for giving. Adults, though, only need one gift from one of four categories:  Something to sow, something to grow, something to reap and something to rest on. 

Something to sow

Seeds aren’t the only thing we plant. Ideas, memories, offers of friendship and declarations of love are all sewn by our intentions. Gifts that sow anticipate a happy future, promise romance, or make plans. They involve greetings and good wishes. Welcome mats that say Merry Christmas, wall coverings that state blessings of peace and joy, anything that evokes the return of light and an end to the darkness of winter.

Something to grow

Continuation, tradition, the passing of practices from one generation to the next are all gifts that grow. Baby’s first Christmas ornament, holiday candlesticks and linens for newlyweds, dishes for the host and hostess who are cooking their first feast for the family because Grandma and Grandpa need a break! These are all gifts that grow. 

Something to reap

It’s a sign of luck that some of us have everything that we need or want. The harvest of life is about experience rather than acquisition. Homemade soaps, shampoos and lotions, cookies and candy, crackers and nuts are all gifts that connect us to local artisans, chefs and entrepreneurs. They also gifts that are used up and don’t become a burden to people who are downsizing or simplifying their lives.

Something to rest on

Nostalgia. The inspiration for a story that, once told, will become part of every family gathering for generations. These are vintage and vintage-inspired decorations that, for all who see them, evoke a time or a place from long ago. They bring the past into the present so it can be shared with the future.

These are gifts to rest on after the presents are opened and the feast eaten. As we sit and talk and remember together, these objects fill the retirement of winter, the season of quiet and togetherness here at the farm. After your holiday visit to us, we hope you’ll be able to take that stress-free time home with you.