Mother's Day Gardening Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Gardening Mom

A Mother’s Day Survey* shows that Gardening Mothers want Health and Happiness for their children, “…Oh, and a little something for the Garden too please!

We asked a group of mothers, “If you could have anything from the gardening supply shop or nursery as a gift from your children, what would it be?” Most requests were for specific items to be accompanied by offers to participate in their use; such as someone to help in the garden and some mulch.  These gardening mothers shared with us some specific things that what they would like for this Mother’s Day, but they also offered us some wisdom on how to find the perfect gift for your mother.  And even though everyone can use a new pair of gardening gloves, here are a few things to consider before heading out to buy a Mother’s Day gift

Tips on how to find the right Mother’s Day gift.

  • Before buying plants or flowers as gifts, gardening mothers appreciate being asked what they need or want
  • Mothers and grandmothers expect their children and grandmothers to know what their favourite flowers are, and why they are preferred
  • Mothers of all ages want their children to help them in the garden regardless of how old the children themselves are

For the Mother  who loves to garden, Seaway Farms has a wide variety of gift ideas: outdoor gardening plants, containers, hanging baskets, herbs, flowers, garden ornaments, indoor plants, trees, shrubs and gifts for the home.  If you can’t decide, we have gift certificates too!


Rosemary, Basil, Cilantro, Chives, and more is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.  If you mother likes to garden and cook, herbs are a nice gift that adds beauty and fragrance to any outdoor garden.  Plant them in colourful containers and create a herb garden on your patio or in the kitchen.


Does your mother like to hang plants on her verandah?  Or does she have a patio? Is there a large window sill on in her living room?  What is her favourite colour?  Hanging baskets, colourful containers, or individual flowers, there is a variety to choose from for Mother’s Day. 

Indoor Plants

If your mother isn’t able to garden anymore but loves to have plants in her apartment.  We have a variety of low-maintenance indoor plants, including Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, Aloe Vera, Goldfish, and Herbs.

Garden Ornaments

Life-size bird ornaments: put these birds in the middle of the garden and you will think they are real!  Bird baths, plant containers, colourful and clever quotes on whimsical wall signs, and more!  See our gift store gallery for some more ideas. 

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate is ideal if you are having a hard time deciding.  If your mother enjoys the experience of shopping at the garden centre, giving her a gift certificate can be the nicest gift.


 If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call or stop by and talk to one of our gardening experts.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Seaway Farms!

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*Survey was conducted by Kate Baggot, a local writer and avid gardener. Twitter – @BaggyK