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Seaway Farms offers a variety of flowers for the garden.

Stop by Seaway Farms to browse the assortment of quality annual and perennial flowers available at the garden centre.  Our greenhouses are busy all year preparing for the Spring planting season.  

Select from a variety of annuals and native perennials for your garden beds, patio containers, and hanging baskets.  Not sure what flowers to put in your containers or garden?  Our staff can help answer questions. You can also choose from a selection of already planted containers and hanging baskets that you can easily take home and decorate your home right away. 

Our greenhouse is busy all year growing the flowers to offer our Niagara residents and visitors a selection for their outdoor and indoor gardens.  Even in winter, our Poinsettias are one of the favourites of the season. 

When you stop by to get your flowers, don’t forget to pick up some of the other things you will need for your garden, including mulch, soil, and containers.

Some of the varieties of flowers available at Seaway Farms


Grows 3″ high and space 12″ apart.  Water regularly.  Fertilize bi-weekly.  Small white flowers bloom all summer.  Also referred to as bridal veil.


Prefers direct sun from southern exposure.  Keep soil evenly moist-not soggy.  Fertilize bi-weekly with mild fertilizer.  Day temp 75F, night no less than 60F

Flowering Maple

Graceful bell-shaped flowers continuously.  Excellent for sun-rooms. Feed only when needed with nitrogen fertilizer.  Keep soil evenly moist.  Prefers well drained soil.


Place in sunny location.  Keep soil evenly moist-never let soil dry out. Fertilize with mild liquid fertilizer bi-weekly.  Temp 60-70F.  Prefers bright light.


Space 12″ apart. Grows 14″-18″. Water regularly and clean by pinching yellow leaves and expired flowers. Feed bi-weekly for best results.


Grows 18″ high. Space 12″ apart. Keep soil evenly moist but not saturated. Best in indirect light.


Grows 30″+. Space 18″ apart. Clusters of bright flowers atop vining foliage. Not particular for soil. Fertilize during active growth. Prefers warm climates.


Fragrant blooms. Grows 12″ to 18″ in height. Space 12″ to 14″ apart. Keep soil evenly moist but not saturated. Fertilize monthly.


Pansies are a hardy flower that comes in a variety of colours. They are considered perennials in warmer climates but can grow as annuals or biennials in Canada.  Prefer full to partial sun & grow between 2.5 – 11 cm.  Peak bloom is early Spring to early Summer.  Read More


Hydrangeas grow best in moist, well-drained soil. Most hydrangeas benefit from some shade. Avoid planting in open areas where strong winds could break stems. Ensure your plant has good drainage, as if the soil is too wet, the roots may rot resulting in the death of the plant. Come in a variety of colours.

Torenia - "Lovely Yellow"

Beautiful yellow flower with a dark middle is ideal for flower beds & containers. It grows 8-15″ high and should be planted 8″ apart. LIGHT: Partial Sunlight.

Goldfish Plant

This annual is ideal in hanging baskets & outdoor containers, as well as a nice house plant. Allow soil to dry between waterings and fertilize monthly. LIGHT: Full Light.

Yellow Lantana

Clusters of small, bright yellow flowers atop vining, deep green foliage and grows up to 30″ (76cm) high.  Plant 18″ (45cm) apart. Used in beds, flower beds and rock gardens. Not particular to kind of soil. Fertilize lightly during active growth. Grown in Canada as an annual. LIGHT: Sun to partial shade.

Seed Packets - Flowers & Vegetables

A variety of flower & vegetable seed packets available at our garden centre location.


Modern cultivated chrysanthemums are showier than their wild relatives. The flower heads occur in various forms, and can be daisy-like or decorative, like pompons or buttons.  Full early sun, at least 5-6 hours daily. Well-drained soil suggested. Available in the Spring & Fall. Learn more about Fall mums >


Phlox are a perennial, low-growing plant with a star-shaped bloom. A beautiful, low-maintenance flower that blooms in the Spring and Summer. Their fragrant bouquet attracts butterflies and birds. Phlox like to grow in full to part sun, and loamy soil.

Bachelor Button - Centaurea cyanus

Bachelor’s button an easy-growing perennial with papery flowers atop tall stems. The blooms can be used for cutting and drying. Full to part sun. Grows 1-3 feet high by 1-2 feet wide. Colours are blue, pink, or white. Blooms in Spring and Summer. Low maintenance, good for containers, and Native to Niagara.

Beard Tongue - Penstemon

Named because of the fuzz that grows in the opening of the long tubular flower. Flowers come in a variety of colours, and often speckled with contrasting colours. Blooms sit on top of long lanky stems. Prefers full sun and like to sprawl (except for the dwarf variety). Grows well in dry, infertile soils.

Black Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia

Native to Niagara, the black eyed susan is a beautiful. low maintenance flower that can be grown in a variety of soils and conditions. The beautiful golden petal and contrasting dark brown centre sits atop a long green stem and the birds love it! Prefers sun, part sun, is a perennial, and grows 1-20 feet high by up to 3 feet wide.

Cardinal Flower - Lobelia Cardinalis

The Cardinal flower bloom has intense tall spikes that are a brilliant red, named after the red colour of the Roman Catholic cardinal’s robe. Blooms in the summertime and sometimes in the fall; and a good flower for naturalizing Niagara wooded areas and hummingbird gardens.

Cone Flower - Echinacea purpurea

The pure white petal of the “PowWow” is one of the colour varieties of the cone flower. Common colour is the one with pink, purple petals surrounding a cone shaped centre. An sturdy and easy-care perennial that prefers sunny locations. Great for cutting and butterfly gardens. Blooms mid-late summer and early fall. Normal/sand/clay soil. 16-23 inches high and 12-16 inches wide.

Evening Primrose Hypericum Hidcote

Brilliant yellow, pin, or white cups or goblets that are open during the day and quite fragrant. Easy to grow and often found as wild flowers these plants will spread enthusiastically. Blooms in Spring, Summer and Fall. Prefers sun. Grows to be 6″-3 feet high and 8-24 inches wide. Attracts birds. Native to Niagara Region.