Raspberries: Catch them while they are fresh! Pokemon Style

Raspberries, or should we say Razz Berries?  Summer’s traditional favourite berry is newly trendy thanks to Pokemon Go players.

In Pokemon Go, the latest mobile gaming trend to leverage GPS and Augmented Reality, “razz berries” are digitized and used to help catch wild Pokemon. With game-play bringing families on bicycles out into the countryside in numbers unseen for a generation, local raspberries for actual people are sure to capture even more fans.

And the local raspberry deserves our loyalty.  Appetizing on sight, both fresh red and black raspberries are juicy with a bumpy texture that enables the sweet and tart flavour to play out on our taste buds.  Frozen, they appear in smoothies and on yogurt all year long. In jam, raspberries are a breakfast staple.

Beyond the beauty of the fruit’s texture and taste, a vast array of health benefits is associated with raspberries.  “The world’s healthiest food” and “the most super of the super foods” are just a few of the praises used to describe raspberries. Recently, the fruit’s concentration of rheosmin (raspberry ketone) has been lauded as a key nutritional player in the control of obesity and obesity-related conditions such as fatty liver. Their anti-oxidant properties have been associated with the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

Interestingly, all of raspberries’ health benefits appear to be more effective when the whole fruit is eaten rather than when the nutritional components are isolated and consumed in supplement form. Clearly, if you aren’t already using raspberries to train yourself toward healthier habits, it’s time to start!

While you’re out hunting, stop by and toss the wild Pokemon at the farm a few Razz Berries. And, while you’re at it, toss yourself a few fresh raspberries too