Seasonal Petal: Decorating with Poinsettias

Poinsettias burst with Christmas colours. Red, white, pink and even striped petals in a sea of green leaves bring the Star of Bethlehem to every holiday occasion. Rich with symbolism and luscious growth, the poinsettia is…

Out with the myths, in with the traditions

For a brief period, poinsettias fell out of fashion as rumours spread that the plants were toxic to plants and small children. A small child would have to eat several hundred leaves before experiencing ill effects from the plant. And there is little reason to fear that they would. Poinsettia leaves taste terribly bitter. For the same reason you would keep all plants away from pets and small children, such as fear of messes and spills, you keep poinsettias in a safe space.

Wrap and cover

Poinsettias are always sold in pots with well-drained soil to last the entire holiday season without a lot of attention and, with care, will last even longer. Wrappers and covers for the pots to match the holiday table and décor are easy ways to integrate the plants throughout your celebrations. However, just because your poinsettias come in plastic pots, that doesn’t mean they have to stay in there? Transplant several poinsettias of various sizes into a large planter for the entry way. Set them into wall-mounted hangers to add drama at different heights to greet the eye. 

Snip and tuck

Remember, you can trim your poinsettias in the pot to tame leaves that might overwhelm the colourful blossoms. You can also cut the blooms and trim the leaves for floral arrangements and even use a single flower to brighten place settings and even the branches of the Christmas tree. Moisture is key when using poinsettia blooms on stems. Vases, vessels and bowls all enable poinsettia colours to brighten the home at different levels for seating and dining. The lightweight water tubes used in corsages are easily integrated into poinsettia ornament designs and will keep the blossoms looking fresh from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day dinner.

Give a Gift of Poinsettias this Holiday Season

Poinsettias make both excellent hostess gifts and are an inexpensive way to acknowledge clients, employees, friends and neighbours throughout the holiday season. Receiving one, or many, as a gift provides a lift out of the dreary weather and a symbol of the light to return. Decorating with them invites us to be generous with our creativity and joy.

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