The Three Ps of Pansies

The Three Ps of Pansies | Popular, Pretty and Practical


Few gardens don’t welcome at least a small patch of the bonneted violet hybrid Viola x wittrockiana cvs.

Clusters of pansies will grow in shallow soil and even spread between cracks in rocks and stone. A variety can be found in almost every colour from the palest pastels to the deepest purples. They are generally ready to go into the ground right after the final frost date (between May 2 in the Niagara Region and June 8 in Northern Ontario).


Pansies burst with colour and thrive in cool conditions with minimal care.

Of the more than 500 varieties, about 250 are found in Canada and many will bloom in both spring and autumn to be among the first and last blossoms of the growing season. Pansies can grow in a mix of sun and shade. Well-drained soil will protect them from the slugs and snails that will sometimes go after the beautiful blooms.


Pansies are edible. Both the petals and the whole flower can be eaten when free of pesticides and fertilizers.

As a soup garnish, or as an ingredient in salads, pansies add a burst of colour and subtle flavours to dishes. Toward the end of the growing season, pansies have a minty taste and hold their own with other fresh herbs.

Brushed gently with egg white and then dipped in sugar before being left to dry, sugared pansies make beautiful additions to the tops of celebratory cakes and cupcakes.

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