Tips on planting seedlings

Springtime in the greenhouses is an exciting time for planting seedlings and watching them grow. Every day, new growth bursts through winter’s grey in hundreds of trays under the protection of our lights and glass.

Home gardeners can experience the same joy on a smaller scale. Egg cartons filled with nourishing soil are a great place to start sowing tomato seeds in the space of a sun-filled window sill. Beans and pea shoots can get a great start in yogurt cups and flowers don’t mind beginning in milk carton bottoms or in half an empty plastic bottle being used one more time before it hits the recycling bin.

As long as you know your seeds are healthy and your soil is clean, starting seeds at home is a flexible and fun way to prepare for gardening season.

Planting Seedlings Checklist


Seeds need some warmth to sprout. That doesn’t mean a trip to Florida, but it does mean bright windows and protection from frost. Basement seedling tables, sun porch benches and window sills are all great locations to start sees, as long as they are protected from frosts and sudden changes in weather that could make for freezing draughts.


Light, whether it is from the sun or from bulbs that mimic natural light, signals that winter is over and triggers the process of growth. Choose or create a bright space to sprout your seedlings.


vegetable-flower-seeds-seaway-farmsMoisture is key! Your soil must not become too wet or too dry. Check your seed trays daily and ensure the soil feels moist to the touch and water gently as needed.  Our gardening experts recommend using a spray mister to keep the soil moist.

Watching seeds germinate is one of the greatest pleasures of gardening. What begins with just a small spec of potential, quickly becomes a burst of green. And all that transition needs, is a little soil, a little water, a little light and some care from you.

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