Trout with Plum and Cherry Salsa

Grilled trout tastes great with this plum and cherry salsa recipe.

Trout is a popular freshwater fish for cooking over the summer grill.  Add fresh Ontario plum and cherry salsa, a drizzle of local honey, fresh from the garden cilantro, and Jalapeno peppers to your trout, and then grill to perfection!  It is a recipe that is a sure way to tantalize the tastebuds.  

Cooking with fish is good for your health! It is a tasty way for the whole family to get essential nutrients for healthy living. However, finding recipes that are easy to make and the family can enjoy, is sometimes a challenge.  

This Plum and Cherry Salsa with grilled Ontario Trout recipe is a sure to impress your family and friends. It tastes great and is easy to make.  

Fresh, local cherries can be found here at Seaway Farms and other local Ontario food retailers. Fresh produce availability guide >  Foodland Ontario

Seaway Trout, Plum & Cherry Salsa Recipe

Original Recipe courtesy of Foodland Ontario – Trout Plum and Cherry Salsa Recipe